Solu candles, wax melts and reed diffusers are hand poured in small batches from our home studio in Cheshire, England.  We take pride in the fact that we personally know how each product has been made.  All Solu candles are made using 100% soy wax and premium fragrance oils.  Other than these two elements and a wick, there is nothing else in the products, making them a high quality, clean burning candle. 

Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax, as paraffin wax is made from crude oil.  Soy wax contains no petro-carbon soot that can blacken walls, as well as release toxic carcinogens into the air.  Soy wax candles last approximately 25% longer than paraffin wax candles, allowing you to enjoy your Solu purchase for longer!  Solu doesn't use colourants or dyes in its candles, so they are all white or cream in colour, with a smooth and clean finish.

On a more personal note, we are Emma and Steph, the new faces behind Solu. We have known each other all of our lives and we both share a passion for quality artisan products that not only look good, but are expertly crafted, which led us to Solu. ⁣

Solu is a brand that we wholeheartedly believe in, with products that are second-to-none and we are so excited to move Solu forwards and see where this adventure takes us. We have some exciting plans and ideas for Solu over the next 12 months so watch this space and I hope you’ll continue to support Solu (and us) on this exciting journey.⁣

Emma & Steph x