Product Testing, Website Design and Launch!

Product Testing, Website Design and Launch!

Things at Solu HQ are really hotting up.  The final touches to pretty much everything are being made, leading to some long days, longer nights and snatched moments of time wherever possible.

Getting things right is really important to me.  That’s really the ethos of Solu.  Time, care and attention for each product.  No matter how challenging the launch gets, when I’m focussed solely on hand pouring candles, I find it so relaxing and rewarding.  Every room of our house has a candle of some form burning in it right now.  During the product test, we look at the flame, how the wax melts, how long it takes for the melt to reach the edge of the container, what the fragrance is (scent throw is the official lingo!)

The website design has been outsourced to an amazing guy at The Social Influencer.  Working with people who are similar minded is so much easier than when personalities clash.  I’d highly recommend him to anyone thinking of website design.  The photographs are taken and the design is almost there. I’m delighted with the photos and think that they perfectly reflect our brand of affordable luxury.  I’m not stressing about it because I have absolute faith that Matt will deliver.

Labels are finalised and the stocks are finally rising to be able to launch.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realise quite how far we have come in such a short space of time. I’m very lucky indeed to have such a supportive family and friends network.  This weekend I’ve promised myself that I will switch off at some point to enjoy some quality time with my lovely family.  There’s a fair few things to tick off my to do list before then though so I’d best get cracking!

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