Where did November go?

Where did November go?

It’s been a while since I last blogged. November was so busy I can’t even begin to describe it!

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has started their Christmas shopping with us! Demand has massively outstripped supply. It’s a nice problem to have but we’ll be sure it won’t happen again!!

I'm sorry if you didn’t manage to buy what you were hoping for!

We've been heads down, pouring and packing pretty much constantly throughout November so apologies for no updates. However, in between the production line, we’ve also been getting involved in some other exciting things...including getting published in Vogue. Yes, Vogue!!!!

The January edition is on sale on December 6th.

When I started the Solu adventure, I didn’t really know where it was going to go. I had a dream that I’d revolutionise the candle industry, but which girl doesn’t love to dream. My reality was that I would enjoy making clean burning products, that did actually produce a fragrance throw and I’d have some fun.

If someone would have told me in the summer that, by Christmas, Solu would be published in Vogue and be invited to LA to attend an Oscars celebration event, I would have laughed in their face.

Maybe dreams can become reality!

Thank you again to everyone who is supporting us and coming along on this crazy ride. Not just our customers, but our friends, our family, our school mum crowd and many many more. I owe huge and special thanks to my husband and Dad who have been known to be sticking labels and packing boxes rather late into the night.

2018 plans are in progress and they’re big so stay with us for the ride.

Huge love and thanks xxx

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